Australian Poly Solutions specialises in PE/HDPE field welding, fabrication, pipe & fitting supply and hire for irrigation, civil, industrial/commercial plumbing, marine and mining/quarry applications throughout Victoria and Australia wide.

Being one of Australia’s fastest growing specialist PE/HDPE field welding and fabrication companies, APS is committed to providing quality along with a responsible approach to our environmental impact. APS is currently installing ISO model quality and environmental systems with the view to gaining third party accreditation by the end of 2018.


APS provides a competitive option to fulfil the demand for specialised pipe fusion services in an environment where the use of PE/HDPE pipe is rapidly expanding.


APS offers its clients a total solution—a professional job, completed quickly, at a competitive price, with quality assurance and safety as a priority.


APS staff and contractors are formally qualified and certified in HDPE fusion methods, the use of specialised ancillary equipment and workplace health and safety.

Australian Poly Solutions is committed to its key obligations of safety and environmental protection.

Our Clients

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Knowlegde And Experience

Quality assurance supported by three testing regimes

At Australian Poly Solutions we believe in a structured approach to staff training and self-betterment through the provision of formal qualifications, certifications and specialised industry training for all HDPE fusion methods and specialist equipment. Constant change in materials, methods and techniques drives excellence through our organisation in continual adoption of the latest technologies & educational and training courses. Specialist requirements and techniques are provided for individual client needs through specific training programs delivered both locally and internationally.

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